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A handmade minimalist necklace with azurite and gold hematite beads for everyday wear to enhance your outfit. Wear it alone for an everyday look, or pair it with longer necklaces for curated layers.

Our half-azurite-hematite necklace is designed to elevate any look.

A must-have gemstone necklace whether you plan to layer or style it solo.

EXTRA TIP: Azurite is believed to clear up the mind and through away the stresses, anxieties, and mundane worries that we carry around with us on a daily basis. It is well known for its wealth of healing energy and it will lead you towards better focus and developing stronger psychic powers. Azurite is connected to the third eye chakra – the place of our deep intuition and inner guidance. Hematite can absorb negative energy, it can soothe difficulties, relieving you of stress and anxiety issues.


• Azurite Beads 6mm.

• Hematite Beads 6mm.

• Necklace Length: 40cm - 16" inches long including the clasp, with an extra 10cm - 4'' extender.

• Water-resistant, Tarnish resistant, Hypoallergenic

• The back is a regular clasp piece to secure perfectly.

♥ YOUROCK JEWELS TIP ♥: Wear it alone or mix other chains with different lengths.

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